Electronic critiques as of the show year 2015

The Dansk Kennel Klub (as well as our regions and breed clubs) will at the shows as of the year 2015 switch to a new system where the dog’s result and the judge’s critique will be typed directly into the DKK registration system, while the judging is proceeding in the rings.

Critiques and show results will then be available at the result page of the public as well as on “My Page” as soon as the judging of the breed has finished in the ring.
This means that you can see the result and the critique immediately after the judging, if you have brought a smart phone or tablet to the show and have access to the internet.
From now on it will also be possible to receive the dog’s critique as text message. This will particularly be relevant for those who do not have access to the internet by smart phone or tablet.
Finally, you can also read the results and critiques on the internet when you have come home from the show.
As the critiques are registered electronically and will be available on the internet, they will no longer be handed out on paper.

The DKK is looking forward to introducing this new system and we hope that the exhibitors will give it a good reception. Among other things the new system means that you will no longer receive hand written critiques - or critiques written on the quite old and worn manual typewriters.

14 January 2015/JENI

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